"Choose For Yourself"                                     Joshua 24:15 NIV

Our lives are like icebergs. Only 15 percent is visible; that's reputation. The rest, our character,

is below the surface, hidden. Character is what we think but never share. It's what we do

when no one's watching. It's how we react to everyday aggravations. It's how we handle failure

and success. The thing that has made us what we are is our choices. At the end of a successful

career; Joshua challenges the people of Israel: "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will

serve...But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." So the choice is yours!

Ever notice that people with the weakest character tend to place blame on their circumstances?

They talk a lot about poor upbringing, financial difficulties, the unkindness of others, or other

circumstances that have made them victims. Your circumstances may be beyond your control, but

your character is not. You can no more blame your character on your circumstances, than you can

blame the mirror for your looks. Developing character is always your choice. Every time you make

a character-based decision, you take another step forward in your spiritual growth.

Take a moment and jot down times when you have faced temptation and adversity. Next to each, note

your choice: escape, excuse, avoidance, perseverance, or victory. What problem areas do you see?

How will you learn to do better? If many of the things you list are due to circumstances beyond

your control, then choose to take greater control of your life.