Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than today's law enforcement officer. These burdens also affect the officer's family and other members of his or her department. Law enforcement agencies need the specialized guidance, counseling and assistance for their officers, families and communities.

A law enforcement chaplain is a clergyperson with special interest and training for providing pastoral care in the high powered and dangerous world of law enforcement. This pastoral care is offered to all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, creed, or religion.

The law enforcement chaplain is led in his or her own faith to be available and ready to serve those in need. The chaplain's ministry provides a source of strength to the law enforcement officers and their families, other department members, and the community.

The law enforcement officer's clergyperson or religious advisor in private life, although trained in ministry, is not necessarily abreast of the particular problems and dangers faced by officers.

Chaplains listen and participate in the workplace of law enforcement officers with empathy and experience, advising calmly in the midst of turmoil and danger, and offering assistance when appropriate or requested.

Faith Community

As the law enforcement officer seeks to grow in his/her faith, opportunities will come for the officers to align themselves with a local church. Weekly corporate worship, growth in Spiritual knowledge, and ministry/missions/service opportunities will follow.

Area clergy and other religious leaders are invited to show their interest and support to the law enforcement officers by offering their support to the “Office of the Chaplain”.


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