A Community Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church

Riverbend First Responders

by Marc Lane on May 20, 2019
Since 2010 The Riverbend PeaceKeepers have been dedicated to uniting law enforcement officers around the Riverbend area to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ through helping them understand God's purpose for their lives.

First birthed in the hearts of local Police Officers in 2010, this core group of Law Enforcement Officers has grown to reach other First Responders with the Good News that “Jesus Saves.”

We are activily searching for First Responders (Police - Fire - EMT) to join us in Bible Study for First Responders, Riverbend First Responder Training, Seminar Guest Speakers, First Responder Family Fellowships, "Open Gym", Social Activities (Christian Concerts, Movies - e.g. Grace Card & Courageous) and Community Service Projects.

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Riverbend First Responders