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Calvary Moves The Corner

by Marc Lane on April 3, 2017
Immediate Release
March 27, 2017
In 1999, Calvary Baptist Church of Alton opened their hearts to the community in a very public manner. Specifically, a community ministry was launched to provide a place for broken and hurting people to find hope and healing. A building at the intersection of Washington Avenue @ Brown Street in Upper Alton became the new home for Cornerstone Ministries.

The ministry was designed to be a place of refuge, offering counseling and support groups for those experiencing divorce, addiction, and grief. With those needs come additional financial requests. Additionally, there was assistance with employment search, transitional housing, and transportation needs. Located just a few blocks from what was then Alton High School and East Middle School, Cornerstone Ministries offered an after-school drop-in center for tutoring. Calvary Baptist Church, through Cornerstone Ministries, has provided a place for families in troubled times.

Calvary Baptist Church has embarked on a community ministry over the last two years under the umbrella name Calvary Cares. It is this new name and focus that best describes our efforts to go deeper into our community with the message of our hope and trust in Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone.

This community ministry of Calvary Baptist Church shall no longer be known as a place, but as a life lived and a church on mission. This ministry will no longer primarily reside in a building where our community will come and visit us. Calvary Baptist Church is already deeply involved in our community and is making plans to go even deeper. We know the needs of our communities and our neighborhoods. We see the struggles that you face. We are coming to you. We are one family under one banner, Calvary Cares.

Andre Dobson, Senior Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
1422 Washington Ave
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Marc Lane, Chaplain/Director
Calvary Cares
1426 Washington Ave
Alton. Illinois 62002
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