A Community Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church

Wear Your Purpose 

Calvary exists to connect people to Christ and His Church and help them become followers of Jesus.

As we travel through our community it is our desire that people will see us as unique and somehow different. It is our prayer that it is Jesus they see in us. Join us as we model clearly our purpose so that our Heavenly Father might use this to start a conversation with those He sends our way.

You have the option of buying a single item or purchase in quantitiy with your ministry team, LIFE Group or even with members of your family. We offer both the Calvary Cares logo and the Celebrate Recovery Alton logo. Both logos are available as embroidered or printed.
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Follow the link below for more information to how specifically you can say, "Calvary Cares".   
Calvary Cares - Celebrate Recovery Alton